Can I drink alcohol on the bike?
NO! We do not allow patrons to drink and bike. However, yes, on PRIVATE PROPERTY and with owner approval. (Your driveway, your yard, restaurant/bar parking lots with BAR APPROVAL, etc.) We may work with state/local authorities in the future, but at this point we want tours comfortable for all ages, we do not want to steal bar patrons but would rather promote downtown visitors, and luckily none of our routes are ever far from a watering hole.

Can we have glass on board?
No. This is a very strict policy. Please bring your own non-alcoholic drinks in plastic or aluminum containers. The Pedal Cruiser does sell commemorative plastic cups with lids, but other than that, no drinkware is provided or offered; feel free to bring your own plastic cups.

Do we drive?
HE (double-hockey sticks) NO! No offense, but you just checked here to see if you could drink on board? Do you blame us? We provide a friendly, fun and good-looking driver for the entirety of the tour, included in the cost of the bike. However, tips are greatly appreciated (and good-looking is not 100% guaranteed).

Can we listen to music?
I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. So yes….. We provide a speaker system onboard. It’s up to riders to bring an MP3 player, iPod or any phone or device with a headphone jack. Please keep music choices appropriate while riding through public spaces.

Can I rent it outside of Marquette?
Yes. The bike is available for use at private parties, events or other locations for a small delivery and convenience fee. Please email info@checkertransport.com for more information.

Can I wear flip flops or sandals on the Cruiser?
No. Tennis shoes or closed toe shoes are needed to ride.

Does the Cruiser supply food or beverages?
No. Rider may bring on any permissible food or beverages (non-alcoholic) they wish. We’ve got lots of space in the inside roof rack. We also make stops at local favorites or outdoor food vendors.

How many people ride maximum? How many pedal? What’s the least amount of people?
The Cruiser carries 15 passengers maximum, plus the “chauffer.” There are five pedaling seats, on each side, plus one non-pedaling seat over the rear wheels. There is also a bench in the back that seats three. We recommend a minimum of six people to rent the Cruiser.

Where do tours start and end? How long are they?
Of course we have suggestions. But every tour is customized to fit your needs, so this is all negotiable.

Where can we go?
Anywhere a bike can. City bike paths, bike lanes, etc. WE of course do not ride alongside busy roads or highways.

Why the waivers?
Cmon, you know the answer to that. We live in the world of waivers. It is perfectly safe, however there are risks to any activity and we are moving among traffic at times, therefore helmets are recommended.. The bike strolls along comfortably at a rate of 5-8 mph. All seats are equipped with backs and all riders are offered helmets. Safety and helmet waivers are required for all riders and can be found HERE.

Is it hard? Can we pedal up hills?
Not as hard as you think. We have practiced the routes thoroughly. The more pedalers the better, however the great part about a hill is once you are at the crest you can take a break and coast down the other side. While it’s not hard, it’s not easy either. You can expect to sweat a little bit and pedal for your friends that are only pretending.

How old do you have to be?
We ask that pedalers be at least 8. Most younger than 8 cannot reach the pedals, but they are welcome to ride on the bench. We require all riders under 16 to wear a helmet, regardless if their parents sign a waiver or not.

Who owns UP Pedal Cruisers, LLC?
The company is owned by 2 private investors, however it is managed and operated by Checker Transport, LLC. All marketing, sales, and press questions should be directed to Checker Transport via email at info@checkertransport.com or 906-226-7772 (Ext. 3)

For more FAQ’s and help for first time riders see our “Tips for Newbies” listed on our waivers page or click here to contact us info@checkertransport.com.